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“Vandana has done a number of Vedic Astrology readings for me over a couple of years now. I am always impressed by the depth & fluidity of her knowledge, and by her ability to bring together complex threads to a meaningful whole. You can feel her deep commitment to her craft and her ongoing development as she strives to delve ever more deeply into this vast and ancient knowledge system. I always feel respected and accepted as a person when I am struggling with life challenges and supported to find skill full ways through. I would not hesitate to recommend Vandana’s services as an astrological counsellor”.

Mandy P.: ― Psychologist, Melbourne, Australia

“I was feeling very low and down about certain things that had occurred in my life over the past few months. Vandana’s understanding of my circumstances was amazing, I felt nurtured, understood and uplifted after the reading. Thank you so much for your incredible insight and wisdom. Look forward to another reading soon.”

Holly S.: ― St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA