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27 Nakshatra

– Star Cards –

Vandana has created 27 Nakshatra (Star) cards that are used throughout the reading offering rich and insightful information about a person’s character, energetic flow and karmic pockets. The 27 Stars are the key to understanding celestial influences on the planets in a persons chart, especially the Moon.

Deep transformation, may be gained exploring how the Stars influence a person’s life and path.

How the Nakshatras relate to the Moon

The Moon is considered the most important planet in Vedic Astrology as it represents the mind. The Sun representing the soul and is considered the second most important planet and the Lagna (1st House) or Ascendant represents the path of the body and is considered the most important house. The mind consumes all external information presented to us and this is why the Moon is the most important planet, because the mind interprets the world around us.

As the Moon orbits around the earth it transits through star constellations known as Nakshatras. There are 27 Nakshatras (Stars) and the Moon transits through a Star approximately every one and a half days. Each of these 27 Stars show the direction and flow of energy a person may follow. The Star the Moon is transiting the moment a person is born is extremely important as this Star influences the persons mind and their natural tendencies.